When reviewing an investment, a key focus of our efforts is verifying the identity, history and creditworthiness of the parties behind the investment. Other key areas are analysing the investment, its security and legal structure, and the expected investment returns (including timings).

A summary of the information we rely on to complete a review is as follows:

  1. Published literature sent by the investment provider
  2. The investment provider’s answers to our in depth DDQ, outlining items that may not otherwise be answered in the published literature provided above
  3. Relevant legal documents sent by the investment provider
  4. Financial models and valuations sent by the investment provider
  5. Internet searches on the parties involved and the investment
  6. Sanctions and financial crimes checks on the principals of the parties involved
  7. Credit checks on the UK parties involved through Experian
  8. The regulatory status of any UK regulated parties, whether by the FCA (in which case we check their permissions), PRA, SRA or otherwise
  9. The publicly available information about overseas incorporated companies (including government and regulator websites), and
  10. The FATF compliance history of, and World Bank rankings and reports on, the countries where the investment structure and the underlying asset(s) are based.

To find out more, or if you wish to commission a review, please contact us at support@in-review.com.