Since 2010, in:review has been actively engaged by numerous member-directed pension scheme operators and IFAs, as their primary source of due diligence on alternative investments. Our reviews have evolved over this time into something that we are extremely proud of and which our subscribers can use with confidence. This has been helped by having reviewed over 500 investments, ongoing monitoring of our processes and periodic meeting of our investment committee.

The alternative investment market is diverse and includes anything from real assets (such as property, fine wine or investment grade gold bullion) to hedge funds investing in listed financial instruments and unlisted securities. These underlying assets can be located in any jurisdiction and can be structured in a variety of ways.

The alternative finance market includes peer-to-peer lending platforms and their products, crowdfunding platforms and platforms that offer debt-based securities.

Typically, what we review are investments that are not regulated or recognised by the FCA i.e. FCA regulated or recognised funds. However, we review investments that may be regulated overseas, may have an FCA or overseas regulated operator or where neither the investment nor its operator is regulated.

There are certain investments that we don’t review, namely:

  • Brokers (whether carbon credit, stock or otherwise)
  • Investments still under development (we will not accept “draft” documents), and
  • Investments regulated or recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If you are unsure whether we can review a particular investment please contact us at