Since our inception in 2010 we have streamlined the review process considerably, and it couldn’t be simpler. Our robust analysis and verification is completed in the following key stages:

  1. in:review sends the relevant due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) to the party under review.
  2. in:review appoints one of its research analysts to review the completed DDQ, requesting further information or documentation where required.
  3. The analyst may contact and/or interview the relevant party as required, auditing the information provided, and thereby collating soft data to supplement the factual data already provided.
  4. The analyst writes the review and draws his conclusions.
  5. A second analyst checks the review for accuracy, homogeny of process, and that its conclusions have an auditable, clear and sharp thought process behind their construction.
  6. The review is sent to the relevant party to ensure factual accuracy. Should that party wish to challenge the review’s conclusions, any comments will be evaluated by the analyst before the final draft is prepared.
  7. The review is submitted for internal peer review.
  8. The final version of the review is then sent to the relevant party for sign off.
  9. Subject to sign off, the full review will then be published and made available to all subscribing users.

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