subscribers to our investment review service can request impartial reviews on any alternative investments to bolster their internal due diligence

our reviews cover all aspects of an investment from a general overview, investing funds, fees & charges, eight analysis based sections (jurisdiction, parties involved, regulatory, legal matters, income/reporting, financial and taxation), general risks, key considerations for pension operators and finally our impact scores

reviewed investments are scored using our long developed Impact Scores – designed to highlight at a glance which aspects of an investment  we feel may impact upon the investment and therefore merit greater scrutiny in your internal due diligence.

impact scores



our investment monitoring service can help ensure the highest standard of ongoing due diligence and free up resources in a cost effective manner

Subscribers will receive notifications of the following:

  • key dates including dates income due, dates capital repayments due, investment end date, investment’s financial year end, investment report due dates, any buy-back (or similar) options, Product Provider’s financial year end, key parties’ financial year ends
  • reminder dates to check charges are correctly registered on assets as appropriate
  • a change in the credit rating of the product provider or other key parties to the investment, including any Gazette notices or late filings (UK only)
  • directors of the product provider or any key parties appearing on the list of disqualified directors (UK only)
  • a positive result on PEP, sanctions and financial crime checking on individuals and key parties
  • we become aware of any relevant (adverse or otherwise) comments in relation to the investment, the product provider or key parties
  • we become aware that holding the investment may give rise to a tax charge
  • we become aware of a change/replacement of any of the key parties and/or change of structure of the underlying investment

accessing our reviews and investment monitoring service couldn’t be easier…

key benefits of in:review

due diligence

access industry respected, impartial and thorough due diligence on investments

monitor investments

monitor investments to ensure continued regulatory compliance and high standards of service to your members


our service has been a trusted resource for major SIPP operators and platforms since 2010


once all necessary information is received from the investment provider, reviews are published within 10 working days


ongoing support from our team to assist with any general or technical queries regarding alternative investments 

cost effective

as our services are effectively cross-subsidised by all of our subscribers, our investment review and monitoring services remain cost effective

audit trail

investment reviews and monitoring reports are downloadable and date, time and user stamped for to aid with regulatory compliance

free up resources

our investment review and monitoring services can free up precious resources in your firm