what we monitor

in:review’s investment monitoring service allows subscribers to select investments listed on our investment directory, on which to receive updates on both the investment and its principal parties.

Our monitoring service aims to be the definitive source of current information on investments. It combines daily Companies House and Gazette notice checks, Experian credit rating changes on UK companies, daily monitoring of adverse media, and notifications on key reporting, valuation, income and maturity dates. Subscribers will receive notifications of the following:

  • Key dates arise including:
    • Dates income due
    • Dates capital repayments due
    • Investment end date
    • Investment’s financial year end
    • Investment report due dates
    • Any buy-back (or similar) options
    • Investment provider’s financial year end
    • Key parties’ financial year ends, and
    • Reminder dates to check charges are correctly registered on assets as appropriate.
  • A change in the credit rating of the investment provider or other key parties to the investment, including any Gazette notices or late filings (UK only)
  • Directors of the investment provider or any key parties appearing on the list of disqualified directors (UK only)
  • A positive result on sanctions and financial crime checking on individuals and key parties
  • We become aware of any relevant (adverse or otherwise) comments in relation to the investment, the investment provider or key parties
  • We become aware that holding the investment may give rise to a tax charge
  • We become aware of a change/replacement of any of the key parties, or
  • We become aware of a change of structure of the underlying investment.

Subscribers can choose what items they wish to be notified about, the frequency of the notifications and whether they wish to be emailed or notified on log in.

impaired investments workflow

For these purposes we have defined an impaired investment as one where:

  • two consecutive payments have been missed
  • one payment has been missed and the investment provider has not communicated its reasons to investors, or
  • we have become aware of sufficient adverse commentary or press surrounding the investment or its principal parties.

Should it come to our intention that an investment has become impaired, our impaired investments workflow begins.

We have outlined all the necessary steps we feel are required of a SIPP/SSAS operator holding an impaired investment, and have set out which of those tasks in:review will assist with, so that our subscribers are armed with all the relevant information to proceed.

Our responsibilities will include liaising with the investment provider to confirm updates on the investment, when payments are likely to be made, whether any administrators/ liquidators have been appointed etc. and relaying all information to our monitoring subscribers.